More than 50,000 people in the Page electorate will be beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s Economic Security Strategy.

Member for Page Janelle Saffin says the payments that have started to flow to eligible local families and pensioners this week are a welcome boost to the local economy.

The payments are part of the Rudd Government’s $10.4 billion Economic Security Strategy to provide relief for families and pensioners, strengthen the economy and create up to 75,000 jobs.

Ms Saffin said more than 50,000 people in Page will benefit directly from the payments of $1400 for single pensioners, $2100 for couples and $1000 per child for families on Tax Benefit A .

“I encourage people to spend the money well, and to spend it locally,” she said.

“As well as doing Christmas shopping, this is an opportunity for people to stock up on books and DVDs, buy new clothes, and do those things they may have been putting off, like having the car repaired or a visiting the hairdresser.

“If this money is spent in local businesses, it will be protecting local jobs, and doing what it’s designed to do – be a stimulus for the retail sector and the local economy.

“Pensioners, families and businesses in Page can take heart that the Rudd Government is taking every responsible step to strengthen the economy and protect jobs in the face of the global financial crisis.”