Most of us spend a good deal of energy working on our relationships and our finances, separately.

What we don’t do is link them and address our relationship patterns that may be harming our wealth-building, or address our wealth-building habits that may be harmful to our relationship.

Money can be a major impediment to a harmonious life, regardless of a person’s level of wealth, according to holistic financial planner Christoph Schnelle (pictured), of Burringbar.

“Many of my clients want straight financial advice,” he says.

“I advise on superannuation and investments and minimise their tax.

“But now a growing number of people I see work with me on a deeper level at the same time as utilising these essential financial services.”

Mr Schnelle explains that even many wealthy people experience pain around money, especially when they talk to their partner about money.

“I look at what causes the pain and what can be done to restore harmony” he says.

“On the other hand, many people struggle when they try to accumulate wealth.

“Here I look at how to make these clients more efficient so they can accumulate more with the same level of effort.

“I also look at what simple changes in understanding can make their wealth accumulation a more joyful experience.”

Hailed as a mathematical prodigy in his youth, Mr Schnelle was discovered and profiled by BRW magazine in their ‘Future Leaders’ edition, along with other up-and-coming Australians such as Mark Bouris of Wizard Home Loans.

“They’re young, they’re smart and they could make you a fortune,” the article states.

A prolific property investor and holder of four international high-tech patents, Mr Schnelle ran a technology company in his earlier life which attracted many millions in government R&D funding and venture capital investment.

These days he is in increasing demand to help couples and singles through their deeper money issues, through his business In Your Interest Financial Planning.

“I apply esoteric principles to financial planning,” Mr Schnelle says.

“Esoteric simply means ‘innermost’. It has nothing to do with secrets or the chosen few.”

The process of looking at the innermost is called ‘clairsentience’, literally ‘clear feeling’.

Mr Schnelle’s work is based on the premise that if he looks at the innermost of a financial issue for a client, he is able to offer a very precise remedy.

“When a client is interested and ready to look at an issue but lacks the necessary clarity, then I am often able to feel quite precisely what the issue is and express it to my client,” he says.

Sometimes the process is very simple and much can be achieved in one short phone call or meeting.

“I have clients, on the other hand, whom I work with over years and the changes can be dramatic,” Mr Schnelle said.