Police are warning firearms owners to be vigilant in ensuring that their firearms licences are current and renewed prior to the expiration date.

Police said that recently there had been an increase in the number of firearms that police have had to seize due to owners failing to renew their firearms licences on time. 

“When a firearms licence expires, all firearms that are registered to you will have their registration cancelled,” Crime Manager Steve Clarke said.

“If your licence renewal is not received at the Firearms Registry within 30 days, you will have to re-acquire your own firearms by ‘permit to Acquire’ costing $30 per gun plus dealer fees.      

“It is licensee’s responsibility to ensure that they renew their licence on time.

“If they do not receive a renewal notification from the Firearms Registry prior to the expiration of the licence, the Firearms Registry should be contacted. 

“If you choose not to renew your licence, you must dispose of your firearms legally before your licence expires. 

“No one should be in possession of firearms unless they possess a current firearms licence and the firearms are registered. 

“Penalties of up to 14 years jail can apply for those who contravene these laws.

“It is not the responsibility of police to provide safe keeping for firearms whilst owners renew their licences.

“There are a number of firearms dealers who can assist in safe storage, renewals and disposals of firearms.

“Firearms that are seized or currently in police possession will be kept for twenty-eight days from the seizure and then disposed of by court ordered destruction.”

Police said that all firearms owners were encouraged to check the expiry date of their firearms licence and to contact the Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 if their licence needed to be renewed or is shortly due to expire.   

All inquiries in regards to firearms should also be made with the Firearms Registry.