Offender/s have caused damage to several businesses and public facilities within the CBD of Alstonville late Friday night into Saturday morning.

Several rear doors of a Main Street premises were kicked in, signage destroyed on a business premises front yard, pedestrian safety fencing pushed over and removed in Daley Street, signs removed out of the ground, gutters to building damaged.

Any information to Alstonville Police on 6628 0244.

*  *  *

Offender/s have targeted valuable property left in unattended vehicles within Casino on Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

A 1990 Nissan in Small Street had a GPS taken from the vehicle.

Cash and a mobile phone was stolen from a 1990 Toyota parked in Diary Street.

A 1991 Mitsubishi parked in McAuliffe Street was targeted, with offenders stealing a wallet containing cash, cards and driver’s licence.

Motorists are reminded to remove valuables and secure vehicles prior to leaving them unattended.