Police arrest 12 at protest site near Grafton

January 7, 2013

Police have arrested 12 people during an operation south of Grafton.

They were arrested today (Monday 7 January 2013) as part of a police operation monitoring protest action outside a gas company, which is conducting works at Glenugie, south of Grafton.

Coffs/Clarence Local Area Commander, Superintendent Mark Holahan, urged all protesters to act within the confines of the law or face being arrested.

“Officers are working with protesters to ensure the company can lawfully access their site,” Supt Holahan said.

“Police are concerned that some members of the group are taking action that places their own safety at risk, as well as the safety of police officers and the gas company employees.

“Everyone has the right to protest peacefully, however, when this obstructs traffic, interferes with people’s safety and hinders their work, action must be taken.

“All reasonable directions given by police must be adhered to.

“Criminal offences, anti-social behaviour or property damage will not be tolerated.

“I’d remind protesters that this includes the use of recording devices without the subject’s knowledge.

“Raising your concerns about a public issue in a peaceful and safe way is one thing, but it another to intimidate or obstruct others.”

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