The RTA says it will remove audible profile line marking on the Pacific Highway upgrade between Brunswick Heads and Yelgun following community concerns about traffic noise.

An RTA spokesperson said an independent operational noise study was carried out between October and December last year after community consultation.

“The study investigated existing and projected traffic noise impacts for the next 10 years,” the spokesperson said.

“The study showed noise treatment measures, including a low-noise wearing surface, noise walls and architectural treatment of homes, all complied with the noise goal for the project.

“Despite this, the RTA has taken community concerns on board and will remove the audible profile line marking within the next two months and replace it with normal white line marking.

“While the audible lines will be removed, the RTA will continue to monitor road safety and the situation will reassessed if required.”

The RTA said the noise study was completed in accordance with Australian Standards and included the collection of traffic volume and speed data and short- and long-term noise readings along the length of the upgrade.

The study is available at (click on Brunswick Heads to Yelgun).