Open Letter To The Business Community Of Nimbin from Richmond Area Command Superintendent Bruce Lyons …

In recent times, the village of Nimbin has been highlighted in the media due to ongoing operations of police targeting prohibited drug dealing within the community.

The township of Nimbin has a strong and caring community.

The drug culture within the township has been around for many years.

My focus in targeting the open drug market is to provide a town that is not only safe, but has the feeling of safety by its own community.

I want the mums and dads to be able to walk the streets of Nimbin with their kids and not have them exposed to illegal activity.

The sale of prohibited drugs within the Nimbin community has grown from the sale of predominately cannabis to now including all types of prohibited drugs.

These harder drugs have accelerated the rate of violence within the community.

Police continue to rely on community information and feedback to assist us targeting all criminal activity.

I am pleased with the increasing confidence the Nimbin community is showing in local police.

This is evidenced by increased reporting of crime and information which has led to numerous arrests, but also has allowed police to implement some positive community interaction.

The police from Nimbin in their endeavour to build the community partnership now conduct radio presentations weekly and present articles in the Nimbin Good Times.

They are also involved in taking young people to camps and are also participating in local sport.

I look forward to your support in helping Nimbin become a safe and healthy community building upon the strength and unity that has underpinned it for many years.

Bruce Lyons
Thursday 18th September 2008.