The Evans Head and District Water Committee has called on Planning Minister Frank Sartor to act on his Far North Coast Regional Strategy.

“In December 2006 NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor released his Far North Coast Regional Strategy, a blueprint to accommodate another 60,400 people, well beyond the carrying capacity of the land,” spokesman Dr Richard Gates said..

“In the foreword to his document, Minister Sartor states that his ‘Strategy provides for a balanced approach to development and conservation … in conjunction with a proposed regional conservation plan’.

“It is now 15 months since Sartor delivered his developers’ Strategy and there is still no sign of the regional conservation plan.

“In the interim, development is proceeding without the benefit of the plan which is supposed to inform the planning process.

“The Evans Head and District Water Committee Inc would like to know why the Minister continues to sit on this plan, and why some important areas with high conservation value and prone to flooding, such as the controversial Iron Gates Estate, have been ignored for conservation protection despite many request from the DECC for its inclusion.”

Dr Gates said the committee had written to the Director-General of the Department of Planning asking when the community can expect to see the regional conservation plan.