WIRES Northern Rivers have had an unusual guest for the past week.

This red kangaroo was brought by a concerned member of the public to our area from Texas, Queensland, where he was found after his mother had been killed on the road.

Fortunately this joey, named Garrett, was not injured and is doing well in care.

He will be returned to Darling Downs wildlife carers this week because his species is not found in our area.

“Red kangaroos seem to have enormous ears and quite a different shaped head compared to other species of macropod found in our area, so Garrett is amazing to observe,” Lib Ruytenberg, WIRES Northern Rivers Chairperson, said.

WIRES suggests that if people come across injured wildlife while travelling, it’s best to try to contact wildlife carers in that area, as animals need to be returned to the area in which they are found.

WIRES needs more wildlife volunteers in region.

Their final training course for the year will be held this weekend, October 18 and 19, at Australian Seabird Rescue headquarters, North Creek Road, Ballina.

This is the first time WIRES has held a training weekend in Ballina, and they hope to attract many new local volunteers.
For further information, call the WIRES 24-hour hotline, 6628 1898, or go to their website www.wiresnr.org