With one in six children being bullied on a weekly basis, not-for-profit organisation School Aid has partnered with Radio 2GB to give local children a voice in tackling the issue of bullying in schools.

The 2GB School Aid Angels competition-based initiative is open to all primary and secondary school students in New South Wales, and School Aid is calling on the whole school community to get involved in the initiative.

The 2GB School Aid Angels competition will support School Aid’s mission of ‘kids helping kids’, empowering them to address the issues related to student bullying and violence in schools, which they say can include physical injury, stress, intimidation or feelings of being scared or alone, and the impact this has on their education and learning.

To enter the competition, local students – either individuals or in groups of a maximum of five students per group – are required to write a 30-second radio commercial script focusing on the issue of bullying/violence in schools and include solutions on how to tackle bullying from their perspective.

The School Aid Angels competition is now open and organisers encourage all students to have their voice heard on the issue of bullying and violence in schools.

More information and details of online entry are available through www.schoolaid.org.au or www.schoolaid.org.au/2GBSchoolAidAngels.htm

Tips and guidelines on how to write a radio commercial are available through www.schoolaid.org.au, and ideas include:

As well as getting involved in 2GB School Aid Angels, students and schools can get involved in international humanitarian  projects via School Aid to help children around the world whose lives are affected by tragedy. More information is available at www.schoolaid.org.au