Ballina Shire Council has joined the growing call for the introduction of a national or State-based refund scheme for drink bottles and containers.

Ballina Shire Mayor Councillor Phillip Silver said the introduction of a container deposit scheme similar to that currently operating in South Australia would have substantial benefits for the local and regional community.

Council unanimously voted to recognise the significant environmental, economic and social benefits associated with a container deposit scheme.

Council will also write to the Federal and State governments indicating its strong support for the scheme.

Benefits associated with the scheme include improved recycling rates, resource conservation, reduced waste to landfill, reduced littering, and reduced impacts on our wildlife, the council said.

“Drink containers continue to litter our roadsides, waterways and public spaces. A refund for returning used drink containers would encourage people to recycle, reducing the volume of this type of rubbish in landfill and greenhouse gas emissions,” Mayor Silver said.