Federal MP for Page Janelle Saffin delivered the first round of computers in schools to St Mary’s High School in Casino last Thursday.

St Mary’s is eligible to receive 118 computers and chose to take 86 at this time while the school organises their resources and technology programs.

Ms Saffin said computers are now an integral part of life and it was vital that students had access to the latest computers.

“Computers are necessary for jobs, education and life,” she said.

Ms Saffin told the gathering that she had lobbied for infrastructure funding to go with the computers.

Acting principal Karen Davies is thrilled with the new computers which are located in the library.

“It’s like a breath of fresh air,” she said.

“The kids are like, wow look at this!

“We can only say thank you to the Rudd Government for your vision for our youth.

“It’s a significant forward direction for the school and allows us to maintain a focus with the current trends in education.”

Mrs Davies said the school had reached a point where access to computers brought about frustration and disappointment.

“The school wasn’t really engaging with them,” she said.

“Today the new laptops have brought back the smiles of success.

“Without this money we would have been really hard pressed.

“Having this money is fantastic. You can tackle what the needs of the school are.

“The challenge is get staff trained and to feel a sense of confidence, so they stay one step ahead.”

PICTURE: Janelle Saffin and St Mary’s High School vice-captain Bill Roache try out the new computers.