Shadow Minister for Industry Duncan Gay today called for the State Government to observe a moratorium on the creation of all new proposed Marine Parks, one of which is planned for the coast off Evans Head.

Mr Gay called on the fishing industry and wider community to support the petition against the building of these new marine parks.

The petition can be found at:  

“The building of new Marine Parks has to be based on proper scientific research and audits,” said Mr Gay.

“They must not be political parks based on perceived vote opportunities in city electorates.”

Mr Gay made the call following the National Parks Association’s proposed plans to build five new marine parks and introduce complete recreational fishing bans.

“The Nationals take a very strong stance against this extreme action by an extreme conservation group,” he said.

“This move will lead to cheap imports of seafood from Asia, where the quality and superiority may not be up to the NSW standards.

“NSW Labor has a history of kowtowing to extreme green groups in pursuit of election preferences and this is a clear and present danger to a legitimate pastime enjoyed by Australian families.

“Premier Nathan Rees must introduce a moratorium on the creation of all new proposed Marine Parks and immediately rule out this latest plan for fishing bans.”