Bullying in all its nasty forms does a lot of harm to society and needs to be stamped out, according to The Nationals’ Member for Lismore, Thomas George.

Mr George has produced a booklet explaining the impact bullying can have on a community. The eight-page publication includes helpful ways and means of dealing with this important issue.

The anti-bullying booklet will be distributed to all households in the Lismore Electorate next week.

Mr George says the booklet contains some pertinent messages about bullying and offers help and advice for those who are being bullied or who may know a victim.

“The booklet is aimed at adult and child victims, parents, grandparents, carers, co-workers, teachers, friends and anyone else who is exposed to bullying,” Mr George said.

It provides handy tips on how to identify and overcome bullying and there is a list of contact numbers and websites where more in-depth information can be accessed.

“Bullying at school and in the workplace or at home is totally unacceptable,” Mr George said.

“Any physical or verbal attack on another individual simply cannot be justified.”

Mr George said people who know bullying was taking place ought not be silent bystanders but rather should help someone find help before it is too late.

“I hope and trust this booklet will be of some help in combating the problem of bullying. Additional copies can be obtained from my office at 55 Carrington Street, Lismore, or by ringing 6621 3624,” Mr George said.