mahatmanewHere’s a message from Sandy Gandhi, Australia’s most easterly Indian and rising star of Australia’s Got Talent:

Please get your dialing fingers loaded and ready to go for Australia’s Most Easterly Indian – Sandy Gandhi will appear on Australia’s Got Talent on Wednesday, 11th March on Channel 7 from 7.30pm – she’s hoping to get voted into the final by your fine finger work!

For those who missed the heats last month, here’s a copy of her routine:

Seeing Red seeing me! By Sandy Gandhi

I’m Sandy Gandhi of Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly Indian – there was one other, but I shot him!

I love Byron, it’s so laid-back, it gives me time to do what I like best, lying down a lot and standing up occasionally – we’re the only town in Australia that doesn’t get any Labour Day holidays, ’cause no one’s got a bloody job!

Even though there aren’t many Indians in the Bay, for what we lack in colour, we make up for in spirituality – there are a lot of white folk with Indian spiritual names, so in honour of them, I too have taken a spiritual name, it’s Gladys!

Half of Byron has already been to India on some far-out, magical experience looking for themselves, the other half are saving up to get there.

But, with the credit crunch and recent terrorism in Mumbai, on Wayne Swan’s advice, I’ve got together with Centrelink and D-FAT and we’ve come up with a new concept, it’s called “Don’t Go To India, Let India Come To You”.

So they all come to my place, I give them a quick dose of dysentery (well, it’s got to be real, doesn’t it?), then we play hide-and-seek, except I make them find themselves!

I’d like to leave you some food … for thought – I once had a yobbo boyfriend called Josh, but our relationship was a recipe for disaster, so I gave him some curry and called him Bogan Josh!

For those of you who didn’t laugh today, don’t worry, Indian’s always better the next day – thank you, goodbye and Namaste!

When Red Symons threw his arms up in the air shouting, “Thank God, finally …”, I thought he’d say, “She’s finished!”, but he said, “An intelligent comedian!”. I had a quiet bout of inner comic relief!

P.S. It’s time to uncross those fingers so you can vote me into the final – tune in Wednesday, 11th March on Channel 7 from 7.30pm.

PICTURE: Just do it … or the Indian gets it!