highwayNorth Coast residents sick of inaction on the Pacific Highway and other roads issues are being encouraged to air their views on RoadTube – a new website designed by the NRMA to get NSW moving again.

Local residents are being asked to visit www.roadtube.com.au and upload videos or post comments about local roads and motoring issues that are a cause for frustration and what the Government can do to fix the mess.

The NRMA will use the groundswell of community action to lobby the State and Federal Government as part of its new Get NSW Moving Again campaign. 

Motorists can vent about any issue that concerns them such as the state of local roads, rising petrol and diesel costs, unfair licensing laws, school zone safety and public transport.

NRMA President Wendy Machin said anger over the Government’s inaction to fix the Pacific Highway was likely to be a popular RoadTube topic for local residents.

“A strong RoadTube campaign supported by thousands of motorists along on the North Coast would be impossible for Government to ignore,” Ms Machin said.

“North Coast residents are sick of asking governments to fix the same roads over and over, they’re sick of being held to ransom by foreign oil price fluctuations and they’re fed up with licensing laws that judge a driver by their age and not their ability.

“Now people have somewhere to go to have their say and tell the Government what they need to do to fix the mess.”

People can upload their own RoadTube clip using webcam or their mobile phone. The website will also enable them to find and email their local Member of Parliament or blog about things that are important to them.

Videos will be used to inform NRMA on its new Get NSW Moving Again strategy and to lobby local MPs.

The website will also include uploaded videos from NRMA representatives, elected representatives and commentators. Viewers will be able to rate what the experts are saying.

“This is an easy way for us all to make a difference – if you, your friends and family want to see the Government act fast, get on NRMA’s RoadTube website and help get NSW moving again,” Ms Machin said.

As part of the RoadTube campaign, the NRMA has also constructed portable ‘Toll Booths’ to tour NSW with live webcams. Members of the public will be invited into the booths to have their say about local roads and motoring issues, which will be streamed live at www.roadtube.com.au