NSW police training teams will be visiting a number of regional airports within the Northern Region as Phase 2 of the Securing our Regional Skies (SORS) program continues next week.
The aim of the SORS II Training Program is to provide an increased awareness of the current security environment, and to deliver enhanced skills related to security at regional airports. There will also be reviews and re-enforcement of local transport security.
The teams will be supporting local organisations through discussion exercises and providing guidance through on-site security reviews at Lismore, Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Taree.
The joint training team will consist of members from the NSW Police Force Counter Terrorism Co-ordinated Response Group, the Office of Transport Security and Local Government, aand re attending regional airports in NSW as part of the Securing Our Regional Skies Education and Awareness Programme. 
Commander of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit, Inspector Brenton Charlton, said the initial program last year was a success which police hoped to build upon.
“The key objective of the program is to provide an overview of the current security environment relating to regional airport security, and participants will include local police and emergency service organisations, council representatives and airport owners and operators,” he said.
“The program provides an opportunity for key stakeholders involved in management, security and response to learn from the experience of other regional airports and validate their security planning and response arrangements.”
Inspector Charlton said that updates would be provided on the current Security Environment, Security Trends at Regional Airports, and transport Security Planning, as well as training on White Level Inspection and Security Awareness, and Suspicious Substance Awareness Training.

The teams will be at Lismore (Monday 30 March), Ballina (Tuesday 31 March), Coffs Harbour (Wednesday 1 April), and Port Macquarie (Thursday 2 April) and Taree (Friday 3 April) .