Ballina Shire Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, April 8, to consider a rescission motion on fluoridation of the water supply.

Councillors voted at their last meeting to adopt fluoridation, but their decision to do so without community consultation sparked vocal opposition.

Crs Keith Johnson, David Wright and Alan Brown have lodged the recision motion, which will be voted on at the extraordinary meeting on Wednesday at 5pm at the Council Chambers.

The agenda for this meeting will be:

1. Acknowledgement of Country
2. Apologies
3. Declarations of Interest
4. Deputations
5. Rescission Motion

Details of the rescission motion are as follows:

We the undersigned, herewith move to rescind resolution 260309/17, which states:

1. That Council notes the contents of this report on the request from the Australian Dental Association regarding fluoridation of the water supply.

2. That Council establish the formal steps towards implementation of the fluoridation of the Ballina Shire water supply.

If the rescission motion is adopted it is proposed to move:

That Council create a community panel of 7 persons, 2 known to favour fluoridation, 2 known to oppose it, and 3 with no firm position on the subject, to fully examine the available evidence on drinking water fluoridation and to make a recommendation to Council on whether Ballina water ought to be fluoridated. Those bodies/organisations who believe they can provide relevant
information to the panel shall be publicly encouraged to make written and verbal submissions to the panel.