‘Australia’s Most Talented’ — that’s what the T-shirts say that Nobel Lakaev’s friends and family have been wearing for the last two months as they have done their best to support the up-and-coming young talent across Australia.

“Nobel’s friends, family and schoolmates have all rallied behind him leading up to the close of votes which ended on Saturday at 12 noon, as has the whole east coast of Australia from Sydney up to Cairns,” his friend Carli McDonkey told Far North Coaster.

“Voting continued until the very last minute and then it was up to the gods to see what the final result will be.

“All fingers are crossed as Nobel waits with anticipation for the announcement this Wednesday night.

“In his Grand Final performance Nobel did his best dance ever as he glided across the floor performing dance and acrobatic moves which he choreographed completely himself.

“From mid-air split jumps to acrobatic mid-air back arches, Nobel trained long and hard to perform the difficult and visually spectacular moves, training 6–9 hours per day.”

Nobel hopes his performances and the overwhelming support he has received over his time on the show will help launch his career as a professional dancer, singer, actor and all-round entertainer.

Nobel said  that all he wants is to ‘entertain people and make them happy’.

The just turned 16-year-old said his experience on Australia’s Got Talent had been ‘amazing and I’ll never forget it’.

He said: “My intention is to be on the silver screen. I believe I have the capacity to go all the way. The results at the end of the day are only going to make me a better all-round artist.

“Thus far it’s as if I have just been cast my first role and as the series has gone on my minor role has turned into a main supporting role. And like any well-scripted mini-series, the ending has a twist.

“I just want everyone to know that I am completely humbled and amazed at the support and back-up I have received from everyone – the general public, my friends and family, just everyone”

“I’m just a local kid that has been given an unreal opportunity and never be hesitant to come up to me and say ‘hi’ because I will love to give my appreciations personally.

“I know what everyone has gone through to get me to this point and I want to let you know that you won’t be disappointed with what I’m about to do with my career from here onwards.”

Watch Channel 7 this Wednesday night to find out the result.