Tweed Shire Council is calling for nominations for the NSW Government’s new Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPPs).

The closing date for Tweed Shire Council nominations is Tuesday 2 June 2009.

The Minister for Planning, Kristina Keneally, advised the council last week that the NSW Government is establishing six JRPPs throughout regional and metropolitan areas of NSW.

Council’s Director of Planning and Regulation Vince Connell said Council is required to nominate two people to become members of the Northern Region JRPP plus an alternative member who could replace a Council nominee if they were unavailable.

“The objective of the JRPPs is to create a panel of people with appropriate expertise to determine development proposals of regional significance,” Mr Connell said.

“The panel will also advise the NSW Minster for Planning on planning, development or environmental planning instruments relating to the Northern Region.”

Selection criteria for the JRPP members includes:

  • Senior level experience in dealing with multiple stakeholders;
  • High level communication skills;
  • Capability to drive high profile outcomes in a credible and authoritative manner;
  • High level analytical skills; and
  • Knowledge of the assessment of complex developments and planning matters.

At least one of the panellists must have high level expertise in one or more of the following fields: planning, architecture, heritage, the environment, urban design, land economics, traffic and transport, law, engineering or tourism.

Closing date for Tweed Shire Council nominations is Tuesday 2 June 2009.

Under the proposed new system, Council officers will be required to refer the following regional development applications to the JRPP for determination:

  • Commercial, residential, retail and tourism with capital investment value (CIV) between $10M and $100M.
  • Public and private community infrastructure and ecotourism with CIV of more that $5M e.g. schools, community halls, libraries etc
  • Designated development (Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) required)
  • Certain major coastal developments; and
  • If Council is the proponent or is conflicted in relation to a development with a CIV of more than $5M.

Council will receive a report detailing the proposed nominees at an Extraordinary Council Meeting to be held on Thursday 4 June. Nominations for the JRRPs must be submitted to the Department of Planning by Friday 5 June.
The term of appointment for Council nominees to the JRPP is up to three years and the successful candidates will be renumerated, including travel and subsistence allowances, by the Department of Planning.

The JRPPs will consist of three State members and Council appointed members. The Tweed Shire Council nominees will be required by the JRPP for matters concerning Tweed Shire.

The NSW Government is also currently seeking Expressions of Interest for candidates interested in being appointed as State members of the JRPPs.

The newly established JRPPs are targeted to commence on 1 July 2009.

Correspondence from the Minister relating to the Panels and the information package is posted on the Department of Planning’s website at