Getting a car park in Lennox Head’s main street is set to become a little easier in coming weeks with the introduction of timed parking, according to Ballina Shire Council.

Lennox Head will join other towns in the region which have introduced this parking mechanism to increase availability by utilising spaces more efficiently.

“Timed parking works particularly well in CBD areas as there is a high demand for short-term spaces within close proximity to business fronts. By increasing turnover of parking spaces, we aim to increase the availability of parks for residents and visitors,” said Ballina Shire Council Mayor Phillip Silver.

“The efficiency comes from distributing the longer-term parking demands to more appropriate locations in the CBD. Council believes this will provide a positive outcome for businesses and the broader community.

“Council’s experience in other locations is that this has been an effective change and we look forward to a similar result in Lennox.

“However, we recognise that Lennox Head is unique and we will of course be monitoring the implementation closely.”

The parking restrictions will be introduced to Ballina Street, from Park Lane to Byron Street, excluding the bus zone and the area north of the bus zone.

Two-hour restrictions will also apply to the nose-in parking on the small section of Rayners Lane adjacent to Ross Park.

Restrictions will be imposed from 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am – 12:30pm on Saturdays. There will be no parking restrictions on Sundays.

Signage to inform the community and visitors of the parking regulations, consistent with Australian Standards will be installed.

Longer-term parking is available in Park Lane, and in the signed underground car park accessed via the laneway.

It is anticipated that signage will be installed in the week beginning 25 May, and take approximately one week. Parking restrictions will be imposed from 1 June 2009.