Labor has broken a series of election promises to the Tweed despite delivering some long-needed funding for Tweed infrastructure in Tuesday’s New South Wales Budget, according to Tweed Nationals MP Geoff Provest.

“The glaring omission is Tweed health, with nothing for our desperately under-funded hospitals and still no sign of the Health One Centre promised for Pottsville more than two years ago,” Mr Provest said.

“NSW had little option than to kick in $40 million for the Sexton Hill Pacific Highway black spot after the Federal Government contributed more than five times that amount.

“I wasn’t expecting any money to start the process of bringing back the local rail service Labor axed in 2004, but it was still infuriating to hear the Treasurer boast the Government is spending more than $3 billion on rail, mostly for projects around Sydney.

“$200,000 in planning money for the new Tweed police station is a very modest start, but a start nonetheless.

“The $2.3 million to complete the previously announced upgrade of Tweed River High School is also welcome but this too is modest compared to Federal Government’s current investment in Tweed schools.

“There is no mention at all of the new trade school at Kingscliff TAFE which Labor promised before the last State election.

“We will get $400,000 for Labor’s so-called Community Building Partnership, but this comes at the same time when Labor is reaping $10 million a year from Tweed motorists with its axing of the Petroleum Products Subsidy Scheme.”

Mr Provest said he was deeply concerned at the Government’s admission it would saddle the State with $50 billion of debt by 2012, equivalent to about $10,000 for each and every adult taxpayer in New South Wales.

“The Government is also forecasting Statewide unemployment to rise to 8.5 per cent, which will mean a double-figure jobless rate here in the Tweed,” Mr Provest said.