Federal Member for Page Janelle Saffin has stepped up her attack on the National’s Senator Nash for her false claims to local pensioners that the Utilities Allowance was going.

“In a week that has been marked by a grubby smear campaign by the Opposition, the newsletter by Senator Nash is yet another example of the fear and smear tactics and why you can’t believe a word they say,” Ms Saffin said.

“Senator Nash, like her Coalition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, is now ducking and weaving and blustering on this, knowing that the community realise she has told them a porky.”

The Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, has told Parliament that after ignoring the needs of pensioners for 12 long years, the Coalition is now engaged in a campaign of deception to frighten pensioners.

The Minister raised Senator Nash’s newsletter in the House as an example of this campaign of deception.

Senator Nash says in the newsletter that the pensioners’ utilities allowance has been scrapped, but the Minister told Parliament that Senator Nash knows this is completely false.

Minister Macklin said Senator Nash knows that the full amount of the utilities allowance is being included in the new pension supplement and increased, come 20th September.

“The shadow minister last week even called it ‘sensible’ but out there Senator Fiona Nash and other members of the Opposition are spreading this misinformation to needlessly scare pensioners to make a political point,” the Minister said.

Ms Saffin said: “Senator Nash clearly doesn’t care about the people of Page.

“She has put out a newsletter with no policy and no content, but with cruel misinformation that has needlessly scared some pensioners.

“Senator Nash needs to know that this campaign of fear and smear won’t work, and it must stop.”