nbsp_imageThe New South Wales Government is to be the consent authority for an application by North Byron Shire Parklands to develop a permanent event venue on their site, according to North Byron Shire Parklands.

The application for the 256 hectare Yelgun site falls under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, which deals with major projects.

Due to the scope of the proposal required to prepare the site as a permanent events venue, the application falls outside of Byron Shire Council’s jurisdiction, North Byron Shire Parklands said.

In July 2008 the Byron Shire Council granted consent to conduct a one-off trial event at North Byron Shire Parklands.

Council’s decision was then challenged in the Land and Environment Court by the group Conservation of North Ocean Shores Inc (CONOS).

On 6 May 2009 Justice Brian Preston found fault with the technical processing of the application and revoked Byron Shire Council’s approval for the trial event.

He said the council should have issued consent for both use of roads and a place of assembly, whereas they only issued consent for a place of assembly.

North Byron Shire Parklands have written to the council advising that they wish to formally withdraw the trial event DA.

Mat Morris, General Manager for North Byron Shire Parklands, said: “We still have ongoing involvement with the planning department at Byron Council.

“We will be lodging local DAs to further improve the habitat values of the land and we wish to finalise the subdivision to allow us to dedicate land free of cost to the National Parks and Wildlife Service as an addition to the Nature Reserve.

“The local community does not lose the right to have input into the processing of our application. The application will be placed on public exhibition and any person can make submissions in the same way that they would with Byron Shire Council.

“We are confident that we can develop an asset the community will be proud of, one which incorporates cutting-edge conservation and sustainability practices and which will provide substantial local employment opportunities.”

Further information can be found at www.northbyronshireparklands.com.au