Page MP Janelle Saffin has already started lobbying for new green jobs and training places to be provided in her electorate to support young and disadvantaged people in our area.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today announced an initiative for 50,000 new green jobs and training places to build a stronger greener economy and to support communities being hit by the global recession.

Ms Saffin says as soon as the Prime Minister made the announcement at the ALP Conference, she sent a message to him and Employment Participation Minister Senator Mark Arbib to let them know that she wanted some of these new jobs and training positions to be provided in Page.

“Our area has been at the forefront of green business initiatives and we have also led the way with environmental skills training through local organisations such as EnviTE,” she said.

Under the green jobs and training initiative there will be:

  • 10,000 National Green Jobs Corps places for long-term unemployed youth the take part in 26 weeks of green job training
  • 30,000 apprentices trained with new Green Skills
  • 4000 training places for insulation installers
  • 6000 new local green jobs contributing to environmental sustainability in priority local economies.

Ms Saffin said Page is recognised as a priority area for employment support under the Jobs Fund program.

“This opportunity for green jobs and training is a perfect fit with our employment and training needs while supporting local moves towards a greener economy,” Ms Saffin said.