Dear sir,
I wrote an email to you regarding the article by The Hon Jenny Macklin MP in the Winter editon of NEWS FOR SENIORS.

The article is so poorly written that I couldn’t determine just what was to happen to the age pension from 20 September 2009.
I was so disturbed by the gobbeldy gook I came to what I now find to be incorrect conclusions.
Today I logged on to Centrelink and found a much clearer explanation of the pension changes.

If only someone who really understood what the interpretations would be made from the most unclear description of one of the most important changes in the age pension for years, then her article would have been rewritten to avoid the ambiguities and misleading statements.                                                                                                    
The currently existing supplements and allowances will be transferred into the pension and paid fortnightly.

There is no increase in the annual total payment to an age pensioner here.

However, as I understand in my case as one of a combined couple on a part pension, there will be a base figure of $10.14 each fortnight.

Now, however, the total figure including all the supplements and allowances will be subjected to the taper reduction of 40% of each dollar over the maximum allowed fortnightly income.

This reduction of course will not affect any pensioner having an income of $248.00 or less per fortnight.

I am not clear as to if this figure is to increase on 20 September 2009.
I apologise for any disquiet I may have caused. I do not apologise for my critiscism of a lamentable and obscure article.
Yours sincerely,
A 78-year-old Age Pensioner,
James Blurton.