Hospital patients across the Clarence could suffer more as a result of the latest NSW Labor sex scandal which has claimed the head of Health Minister John Della Bosca, according to Clarence Nationals MP Steve Cansdell.

Mr Cansdell was due to meet the Minister on Wednesday, along with local Federal Member, Janelle Saffin.

“We had a packed agenda including seeking assurances the Rees Government would meet the $600,000 shortfall to build the car park at Grafton Base Hospital and discussing the separation of the High Dependency and Accident & Emergency wards, and I was going to present the hundreds of petitions protesting against the amalgamation of management of Grafton Base and Maclean District hospitals,” Mr Cansdell said.

“It seems these Labor incompetents spend more time stabbing each other in the back and chasing the top job, rather than delivering services in their respective portfolios.”

Mr Cansdell said he held little hope the portfolio would be better governed under the stewardship of John Hatzistergos, who has been given temporary responsibility for health.

“Mr Hatzistergos hardly excelled in the position last time he had the job, being responsible for much of the current crisis in hospitals across the State,” he said.

“Thankfully, the grim Reba Meagher has quit politics or they’d probably try and bring her back.”

“Clarence patients desperately need a full-time, competent health minister, but that is going to be hard to find amongst this rabble.”