mat-morris-with-splendour-recycling-station-2009The environmental initiatives implemented at this year’s Splendour in the Grass achieved better outcomes than ever before, according to event organisers.

The initiatives covered greenhouse gas emissions, diversion of waste to landfill and public environmental education.

Over the past five years Splendour has calculated its internal emissions covering artist and crew transport, production, venue electricity and diesel generators, freight and waste.

This year 256.7 tonnes of carbon emissions have been offset through investment in accredited and independently verified wind farm generation carbon credits via Australia’s number one offset provider, Climate Friendly.

“We are delighted to have worked again this year with Splendour in the Grass,” said Freddy Sharpe, Chief Executive Officer of Climate Friendly.

“Climate change is the most important issue facing our generation and Splendour have once again taken a leadership position amongst music festivals by not only measuring and offsetting their own carbon footprint, but also offering their patrons the chance to offset their emissions.”

Splendour patrons were again given the opportunity to offset their average daily emissions over the duration of the event by purchasing a Carbon Offset Ticket, a joint venture with accredited GreenPower supplier Climate Friendly.

Just under 2900 patrons (or 16.5%) purchased these tickets to offset their average daily emissions (154kg/person across the duration of the event).

While this is a reduction on last year’s total of 23%, these patrons offset over 446 tonnes of carbon emissions and invested just over $17,000 in renewable wind farm generation.

“Our Container Recycling System was a huge success, with patrons returning more than a quarter of a million water, soft drink, energy drink and alcoholic beverage containers for recycling,” said Environmental Scientist Mat Morris, Splendour’s Environmental Manager.

“This was an increase of 75,000 containers on the previous year and helped to reduce landfill waste by more than four tonnes.”

As part of the Splendour in the Grass community grants program, $5000 was given to Rainforest Rescue to plant and maintain rainforest trees on land that has been set aside by an innovative Byron Bay macadamia producer.

The property will become a model for other macadamia growers to highlight the benefit of using rainforest species (instead of exotics or scorched earth surround policy) on their properties.

The funds will be used for the initial purchase of rainforest species and for tree guards, stakes and mulching.

Splendour’s Eco Cops, who are predominantly environmental science undergraduates from Southern Cross University, spoke to thousands of patrons about key environmental issues such as climate change, resource conservation and recycling while handing out more than 1000 bin-ya-butt containers. 

“With five years of such innovative environmental initiatives under their belt, Splendour have once again demonstrated their genuine concern for the environment. It is truly heartening to work with such a commited organisation who are prepared to invest so much time, effort and money into reducing their environmental footprint,” said Freddy Sharpe.

PICTURE: Matt Morris at the Splendour in the Grass recycling station.