A fire continues to burn in bushland to the west of Cabarita Beach in Bogangar and Tanglewood area.

Fire has now been reported to have now spotted to the east of Tanglewood Drive and is now burning upslope over Round Mountain.

The fire is currently threatening a number of properties along Sliprails Road.

Under current and forecast conditions, properties in Bogangar may come under threat in coming hours, should the fire continue to spread east over Round Mountain.

Smoke is currently effecting visibility on Tweed Coast Road. Traffic advisory signs are in place. Motorists are advised to proceed with caution due to fire crews working in the area.

Clothiers Creek Road is now closed indefinitely due to fire activity in the area.

A fire is burning and is currently less than two hours away from properties.
Under these conditions fires can be difficult to control and flames may burn from the ground to the tree tops. Embers may be blown ahead of the fire and create spot fires that can threaten earlier than the predicted main fire front. These spot fires can occur up to 2km ahead of the main fire.
Properly prepared homes that are actively defended can provide safety during the fire.
Check and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan now. If you are physically and mentally prepared to defend your home, get ready to take shelter as the fire impacts.
If you don’t have a Bush Fire Survival Plan and the fire is burning close to your property, take steps to protect your life and home.
If the fire is approaching and you have doubts about your ability to protect your life and home, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.
Continue to stay up-to-date with the bushfire situation by checking this website, listening to your local radio station or by calling 1800 679 737.