The Nationals Member for Lismore, Thomas George, says it’s time to join the teal team and wear a ribbon during Ovarian Cancer Australia’s Awareness Month in February.

Mr George said politicians will be joining the cause and wearing their teal ribbon on Wednesday 24 February 2010 to support sufferers and raise the importance of prevention.

“There are 1500 women in Australia diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year and more than half will die from the disease,” Mr George said.

“The goal of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is to see that every woman in Australia knows the symptoms of ovarian cancer because an early detection significantly increases the chances of a full recovery.”

Mr George said certain women are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, so knowing the warning signs and the myths surrounding ovarian cancer could save a life.

“Women who are at highest risk are those who have a history of cancer in the family, particularly ovarian, breast or bowel cancer, as approximately 10 per cent of ovarian cancer cases are due to an inherited gene fault found effecting one in 500 Australians,” he said.

“Women over 45 are unfortunately more likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer but there have been girls as young as seven diagnosed, so all women must be aware of the disease.

“Unlike cervical cancer, there is no test for ovarian cancer and so, until there is a test, awareness is the only tool we have in preventing deaths by ovarian cancer.

“Watching out for lower abdominal or pelvis pain or bloating, frequent urination and feeling full quickly or finding it difficult to eat could assist in early detection of ovarian cancer as these are the major signs that ovarian cancer may be present.

“Other reported symptoms include excessive fatigue, weight loss or gain, change in bowel or menstrual habits, vague but persistent stomach upsets such as wind, nausea, heartburn or indigestion.”

Mr George said that those wishing to donate, order teal ribbons or find out more could do so by calling 1300 660 334 or visiting or phone the electorate office on 66213624 for a fact sheet.