Thousands of survey forms are now circulating within the Yamba community, asking people to indicate the level of banking business they would be prepared to bring across to the proposed Yamba Community Bank® branch.

More than $115,000 in pledges of support has been confirmed, a strong indicator that a Community Bank® branch in Yamba will be viable.

Steering Committee Chair, Bob Thompson, said surveys must be returned by 30 April 2010.

“I can’t stress how important it is for people to take part in this stage of our campaign, regardless of the level of business they would be prepared to bring across to a Community Bank® branch,” he said.

This feasibility stage will determine not only how many locals would be prepared to bank with Yamba Community Bank® Branch, but the level of banking business they have and the extent they would be prepared to commit to the local branch.

Mr Thompson said it was important for people to understand that the survey is confidential and neither Bendigo Bank nor committee members have access to the banking details of individuals.

“All of the survey forms are sent to an independent consultant, who collates the information and puts it through Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank® financial model, which is then presented to us in the form of business forecast,” he said.

“It is from these figures that our committee will make a decision regarding whether or not to proceed with a Community Bank® branch.

“That is why it is crucial to have as many local residents, business people and traders as possible take part in the survey.”

Residents who support the concept of a Community Bank® branch in Yamba are urged to complete a survey form to ensure their voice is heard. Surveys can be collected from PRD Nationwide Real Estate, Yamba Street, and Clarence Coast Law, 5/19 Coldstream Street, Yamba.

For more information, contact Bob Thompson on 66463077, Karen Toms on 0403195178, or Des Plunkett on 66433044.