The Cabarita Surf Club has responded to comments by Tweed Shire Mayor Warren Polglase over a Section 96 application from the club to extend their deck area.

Club spokesman Patrick Raftery said: “The mayor is correct in stating that funds were applied to the construction of the existing surf club. However, he hasn’t stated that the funds were earmarked for this purpose in 1990.

“He also neglects to state that the funds were raised by a levy on developers for the specific purpose of supporting surf lifesaving and did not come from ratepayer general funds.

“He also neglected to state that the surf club is constructed on surf club-owned land because the council refused to rebuild the demolished former surf club on council land.

“How many privately owned parcels of land contain community buildings?

“For some reason also the mayor is putting forward the lie that the deck is for entertainment purposes only.

“If the mayor cared to read the DA application and speak with the Lands Department of NSW he would realise that the deck forms a vital part in the surf club’s ability to provide effective beach surveillance.

“The mayor should also speak with the hotel across the road as he presents the surf club as being in direct competition with the hotel.

“The hotel has at no time objected to our operations and a recent conversation with the manager showed great support for our proposal for a deck to help invigorate the area.

“If you really would like to present this story in an equitable light, perhaps read some of the ‘facts’ on our website at