Page MP Janelle Saffin today went to Defence Minister John Faulkner to raise her concerns about the RAAF’s mooted extension of the ‘no go area’ in Evans Head.

“Along with members of the Evans Head community, I was alarmed to read in the media yesterday of the RAAF’s proposal,” she said.

“I had not been contacted by the RAAF and was shocked that it was considering action that could negatively affect the town, a beautiful fishing village that is also popular with tourists and a favourite holiday destination for many locals.

“I immediately raised the issue with the Minister’s Senior Advisor and asked for a brief to find out what the RAAF’s plans and thinking on this.

“Today I raised the issue with the Defence Minister, and told him I would defend the Evans Head community and their economic and environmental interests.

“Rod Blake, chairman of the Evans Head Marine Management Committee, told me that he had been contacted by a RAAF Officer who asked him for names of people who should be invited to a meeting whereby they could be told of the RAAF’s increased ‘no go area’.

“As the local Federal Member, the officer did not see fit to inform me. Like many I found out in the media.

“I told Rod I would go for it to protect the area, recognising of course that it’s not easy to tackle on the Defence Forces.”