An Extraordinary Meeting of Tweed Shire Council will be held on Monday, 1 November 2010 at 3.30pm to consider a rescission motion.

The rescission motion has been lodged on Item 24 of the Council Agenda of 19 October 2010, Tweed District Water Supply Augmentation Options – Selecting a Preferred Option, which is the decision regarding a new dam at Byrrill Creek.

Tweed Shire Council General Manager Mike Rayner said if three Councillors disagree with a decision, they are able to lodge a rescission motion.

The rescission motion was signed by Councillors Dot Holdom, Katie Milne and Barry Longland.

“As a rescission motion has been lodged, the original decision cannot be acted on until the motion of rescission has been dealt with,” Mr Rayner said.

“If the rescission motion is successful, Council will then consider a Notice of Motion from Councillor Dot Holdom, which is as per the recommendation of that item at the meeting of 19 October.”

The Extraordinary Meeting was requested by Councillors Warren Polglase and Phil Youngblutt and has been signed off by the Mayor, in accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice Version 2.1, Section 1.1.3.