The NSW Government yesterday announced a reduction in the feed-in tariff for household solar power from $0.60 per kilowatt to $0.20 per kilowatt. Legislation introduced to effect the change will be voted upon in parliament today.

At this early stage, Tweed Shire Council has been unable to obtain confirmation from NSW Department of Industry and Investment whether participants in the Tweed Solar Community Program will be affected by the changes.

Council’s Sustainability Officer Dan Walton has urged participants in the Council program to wait until their eligibility for the $0.60 feed-in tariff issue has been clarified before making any decision on whether to continue in council’s solar program.

“The Tweed Solar Community Program will continue despite changes to the NSW feed-in tariff. Program participants will be contacted by Council’s program partner Aussie Solar as soon as eligibility for the $0.60 feed-in tariff is clarified,” Mr Walton said.

Local members Geoff Provest and Thomas George are taking up the issue in with the State Government on behalf of participants in the Tweed Solar Community Program, requesting that participants be included in the transitional arrangements to make them eligible for the $0.60 feed-in tariff.

Solar customers who are not part of the 400 households in the Council program should visit or call the NSW energy information line 1300 136 888 for more information on changes to the feed-in tariff.