Police have charged 19 people and issued 30 fines during a drug and alcohol operation in the State’s north.

‘Operation Number’, which ran on Wednesday and Thursday this week (24 and 25 November 2010), saw police targeting drivers for drug and alcohol-related offences along the Pacific Highway, Ballina.

Those involved in the operation included officers from the Richmond TAG, Richmond Highway Patrol, Richmond Crime Management Unit, two drug dogs and an RTA heavy vehicle unit.

Seven people were charged with drug-related offences, five for drink driving and seven for traffic-related offences.

Police also suspended 13 drivers’ licences, issued 30 infringement notices and four cannabis caution notices.

Over $36,000 in cash was seized by police after it was allegedly located during a vehicle search.

Further police operations targeting driving-related offences will be conducted in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley from Traffic Services warns drivers: “If you are contemplating drink-driving or taking drugs and driving have a good think. Think about other road users, think about your mates, and think about your family. What would they think?”