I have just read your on-line article on the North Coast rail line that runs from Casino to Murwillumbah.

I have read with great interest various articles on this matter and I have been in regular contact with Philip McKenzie of Tweed rail.

I have researched community rail partnerships in Britain and I believe that a community rail operated passenger train could serve the localities situated on that line and a high-speed inter-city service operating on longer journeys.

QR has proposed running a standard gauge track from Salisbury to Robina (their current narrow gauge line is being extended to Varsity Lakes).

It makes sense that a standard gauge line run between Casino and Brisbane through Cooloongatta airport and a branch should be laid into Ballina/Byron airport, therefore connecting both airports.

The break of gauge has been an ongoing embarrassment to the nation.

For too long railways have been neglected in Australia.

The rest of the world has realised that rail can reduce congestion on the major roads and help the environment.

One can travel from London to Paris in about 2 1/2 hours (yes, they have greater populations in smaller areas).

It is about time that we had a national standard gauge rail system in mainland Australia.
Ken Slater