Motorists urged to observe speed limits and drive to conditions

The speed of vehicles on Clothiers Creek Road is being monitored during a six-week local government Road Safety Campaign starting after Easter.

The campaign is designed to encourage drivers to drive to suit conditions, which includes understanding the risks of excess speed and driving in the wet.

There will be an increased police presence on Clothiers Creek Road during the campaign, which will feature electronic message boards showing road safety messages and courtesy speed checks.

Clothiers Creek Road is over-represented in Tweed crash statistics and is one of our highest risk local roads for speed-related crashes.

Of the 64 crashes on the road in the past five reporting years, 75 per cent involved speeding. Of these speeding crashes, all were single-vehicle crashes with the driver losing control on a bend and 60 per cent occurred on a wet road.

These crashes largely could have been avoided by motorists driving to suit the conditions.

“Speeding does not just mean driving above the posted limit, it also means driving too fast for the prevailing road and weather conditions and driving too fast around bends,” Council’s Road Safety Officer, Alana Brooks, said.

“Driving to conditions in the wet includes turning on your headlights; looking for water and debris on the road; slowing down especially around bends; and avoiding braking, accelerating or turning quickly to reduce your chances of skidding,” she said.

Rain tends to make oil residues, rubber, tar and other road surface muck slippery, reducing tyre traction. First rains after a dry spell make roads very slippery.

Most crashes on Clothiers Creek Road involve local drivers. Familiarity does not reduce the risks of speed and wet weather and local drivers are reminded to be aware of road conditions at all times.

Council has received $242,500 under the 2015-16 Federal Blackspot Program to realign a bend on Clothiers Creek Road near Condor Place. This project is scheduled to start mid to late April.

Council has applied for more funds under the 2016-2017 Blackspot Program for further improvements to this road.