Councillor Katie Milne is the new Mayor of Tweed until September 2018, following a Mayoral election at an Extraordinary Meeting of Council this afternoon.

Councillor Warren Polglase also nominated for the position of Mayor.

Cr Milne received four votes – from Councillors Chris Cherry, Ron Cooper, Reece Byrnes and herself. Cr Polglase received three votes – from Councillors Pryce Allsop, James Owen and himself.

This is Councillor Milne’s second term as Mayor, after holding the position from September 2015 to September 2016. She was first elected to Tweed Shire Council in 2008 and is a representative of The Greens Party.
Cr Milne said: “It’s really lovely to be endorsed again by the Councillors and I just hope we can work really well together, it’s a nice bunch of new councillors, so I’ve got high hopes that it’s going to be a fantastic, positive outcome for the Shire for the next four years. We’re all committed to that end and we’ve all said we want to work together.”

“My priority is trying to keep that agenda of sustainability going – it’s more important than ever. There’s obviously some very important environmental and social issues as well……we’re a low socio-economic area and we must make sure we look after the people who need it most.”

“We need to look after businesses too so we can promote jobs and green initiatives to create extra jobs in addition to the normal jobs.

Speaking about recent election results in neighbouring shires, Cr Milne said: “It shows that the community really appreciate this environment and you can’t dispute that. They’re just getting more knowledgeable that the community really needs that sort of leadership – it’s too special to give it away for any sort of development, we want really high quality, high class development and that’s what our environment deserves. We have international obligations to look after it.”

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Chris Cherry, who will be in the position until September 2017, a one-year term. The other nominee for the position was Councillor Pryce Allsop.
Cr Cherry won the vote four votes to three, along the same voting lines as the Mayoral vote.
This is Councillor Cherry’s first term as a Councillor, after being elected following the delayed Tweed Shire Council elections held on 29 October 2016. She ran as an independent.

“Being Deputy is fantastic, I’m really excited for the future, I think it’s looking really good,” Cr Cherry said.

Speaking about Cr Cherry, Cr Milne said: “I think it’s a really big endorsement of Chris for the work that she’s done for the Pottsville community over so many years, respecting all sides of the community. She’s well known and well respected.”

Following recent changes to the Local Government Act, Cr Milne will remain as Mayor for two years, rather than the previous 12-month period. Another Mayoral vote will be held in September 2018. Council resolved that the term of the Deputy Mayor would be one year and therefore Cr Cherry will be Deputy Mayor until September 2017.

This is the first all-female leadership team in Tweed Shire Council’s history. In another first, Councillor Reece Byrnes, at 28, is the youngest Councillor to be elected in Tweed.