Firstly, our deepest sympathies to the family of Peter Edmonds, 16, of Wollongbar.

Peter and his mate Brock Curtis-Mathew went for what should have been a fun surf at North Wall on Tuesday morning, but it ended in tragedy when a shark mauled Peter, inflicting fatal wounds.

Brock showed inspirational courage to rescue his mate and get him back to shore.

It’s been a week of wet weather but the weekend outlook is good.

Today the swell is about four foot, but wind-blown.

Marine weather:

  • Friday: SW/SE 15/20 knots. Sea: 1.5/2 metres. Swell: SE about 1.5 metres. Isolated thunderstorms offshore.
  • Saturday: S/SW 15/20 knots early, easing to S/SE 10/15 knots during the afternoon and evening. Sea: 1.5/2 metres, abating to about 1.5 metres during the afternoon and evening. Swell: E/SE 1/2 metres.
  • Outlook Sunday: SW/SE 5/15 knots.
  • Outlook Monday: S/SW increasing 15/25 knots.

Forecast winds:

  • Friday: SW/SE 15/20 kts
    Saturday: S/SW 15/20 kts easing
    Sunday: SW/SE 5/15 kts
    Monday: S/SW increasing 15/25 kts

Tides at Ballina:

  • Low Fri 18:03 EST (0.4m)
    High Sat 01:04 EST (1.5m)
    Low Sat 08:15 EST (0.3m)
    High Sat 13:51 EST (0.9m)
  • High Sun 02:12 1.66m Low Sun 9.21 .46m