For the first time, recreational fishers in NSW will be issued with a new plastic, waterproof fishing licence.

“This is great news for the fishing community — they will be able to carry a waterproof and durable licence, which is the size of a credit card,” Minister for Primary Industries Ian Macdonald said.

“Up until now fishers have had to carry their paper receipt with them when fishing, so this new waterproof card is ideally suited to fishing.

“The fishing community asked for a more durable licence, so we have responded to that with the new card, which we believe will be very popular.”

Fishers who already have a one or three-year receipt will automatically receive a renewal letter in the post before their receipt expires.

These receipts can be renewed and fishers then have the option of purchasing the new plastic licence at no additional cost to the current paper licence.

“This new renewal facility means fishers do not need to re-enter their details when they purchase a new licence,” Mr Macdonald said.

Mr Macdonald said fishing fees were introduced in 2001 and have been supported by the fishing community.

“Fishing fees have directly supported extensive improvements to recreational fishing in NSW with millions of dollars put back into the water,” he said.

“These fees have supported programs such as the creation of recreational fishing havens, fish stocking, artificial reefs, ongoing research, installing fish cleaning tables and fish aggregating devices (FADs), plus many many more.” 

Full details of the programs supported by the fishing fee can also be found on the DPI website

Anglers can purchase the new plastic recreational fishing licence via:

The internet –
The phone – 1300 369 365
Any Touch fishing agent (24 kb, PDF)
Other DPI agents such as most fishing tackle stores and Kmart stores (service desk) will still issue paper receipts.