Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says the weather is gradually breaking up but it still isn’t fantastic.

Still a few bream through to about Pimlico and a few flathead up in the shallows.

Blackfish fairly good in the usual haunts.

Jewfish around the walls with the odd tailor in with them.

Beaches will be a bit rough but if you find the water there will be tailor and bream.

No outside reports.

Sun occasionally shining at Evans Head after the east coast low blustered through overnight. Swell is still up a bit but should lower as the winds turn offshore.

The beaches were fishing fairly well before the low came through and whipped the surf up around 5m but appears to be settling nicely again.

It might level off some of the holes and banks but the bream, whiting and a few school jew shouldn’t be away for long.

A few blackfish turned up around the walls when the rough stuff started.

The river has its usual run of bream along with the odd nice flathead and whiting.

Not the best conditions through the week for offshore and nobody has dared.

Tony Zann