Mandy at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says a few decent flathead are at last starting to show in the lower river.

Whiting are coming through pretty regularly, with the best spots from Pimlico up to Wardell but they’re not in big numbers yet.

Still the odd bream through the river around the rock walls. No jew to speak of.

A few snapper and cobia offshore with most of the action out wide.

At Evans Head the water in the surf is lucky to be 18° and very murky but there are a few whiting and dart to be had, along with the odd patch of bream.

A few blackfish around the walls at times when the sea is up.

The river has a few bream, whiting and flathead biting better in the shallows than in the deeper sections, probably something to do with the water temp again.

No word from the rocks.

Offshore is pretty ordinary in close where it’s murky and cold but there are a few squire, trag and pearl perch out a little wider, where the odd patch of bait and bonito are about, as well as a whole bunch of whales.

The chance of a half-decent cobia as the whales come through.
Tony Zann