Mandy at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been some good catches of tailor off most of the beaches, with South Ballina Beach also supporting bream, dart and a few decent whiting.

The walls also have bream and the odd whiting.

Not many have been fishing the river but a few mud crabs have been caught. However, the Richmond is clearing on the high tide and should fish pretty well.

No outside reports.

Stiff southerly at Evans Head this morning (Fri) with about 1.5m of swell coming into the bay and 2m on the exposed coast.

Water in close is 26°+ and full of flying fish and the odd school of striped tuna.

Some longtails about last weekend and just the odd mackerel down south and some snapper and cobia.

The headlands are holding some patches of school jew and mostly chopper tailor but the water is very clear.

Beaches for a few bream and dart, still plenty of mullet in the gutters. Just a few bream and the odd jack up the river.

Tony Zann