Bruce is away chasing barra and I haven’t had time to talk to all my spies, but it appears there are plenty of reasonable tailor from the headlands and beaches, along with some bream and whiting.

The Richmond River has bream to Wardell and beyond and flathead to about Pimlico, along with just a few whiting in North Creek and the lower river.

The occasional mackerel along with tuna and cobia offshore.

At Evans Head the water has cleared up quite well along the surf line and there are a few more whiting and bream around than there were earlier in the week, when the water was quite murky.

Still miles of hard-gut mullet in the close gutters but nothing much belting them just yet.

Heaps of mostly undersized or tragically tiny school jew from the Broadwater rocks but there are still scumbags and self-appointed legends keeping them for reasons best known to their own egos or greed.

The odd quality greenback tailor working around the rocks. I dropped my best for the year this morning, a fish of 3kg-plus which chewed through the 300lb nylon cord I was experimenting with as an ‘assist’ style hook on my 60g Surecatch Bishop.

Offshore there are schools of garfish around the close reefs along with the occasional patch of slimy mackerel and plenty of yakkas. Not too many mackerel this week with the occasional small to medium Spaniard and some pretty decent cobia.

Also the odd lump of a snapper in close and some pearlies out a little wider.

Tony Zann