Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s been plenty of fresh water but the last kilometre or so of the estuary should fish OK after the bottom of the tide.

The walls should fish well for blackfish, whiting and bream on the rising tide.

The Gamakatsu Teams Series grand final this weekend has attracted a field of about 50 boats and they’ll most likely pack ion to the river below the ferry.

Haven’t heard of a jewfish but lures around the walls should produce the odd jewfish. Nobody’s been to sea and the beaches are a bit rough yet.

Similar story at Evans Head where there are whiting, blackfish and some bream from the walls and the surf is settling a little but still breaking about 500m out.

Some holes remain on Airforce Beach and conditions are right for a big jewfish – there were heaps of mullet in the shore break before the blow so the feed should be there.
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