Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says quite a few bream are in the lower river with a few flathead and some schools of blackfish.

Around the walls on the rising tide is the best bet for everything.

Try just above the ferry for mud crabs through to Pimlico Island and the bottom of North Creek.

A few jewfish to around 20kg coming off the walls but most are around 4-10kg.

Some good tailor to about 3kg from Broken Head and anywhere you can avoid the dirtier water.

Nobody has been offshore for a week but the swell is dropping.

Beaches have been too rough to fish but if it eases over the weekend try for bream and flathead.

Things looking better at Evans Head but the bar is still up, so no joy outside yet but there might be a break over the weekend.

If so, stay in close for squire and snapper in the murked-up water.

The beaches have been bashed around by the swell with plenty of undercut dunes and no beach to speak of at high tide. Should be worth a try at low tide for some bream in the calmer water, and there have been masses of mullet which so far have avoided the netters elsewhere, but for how long nobody can guess.

A few blackfish around the walls and some bream in the river, with sea water moving further upstream on every tide.

Evans Head weather station has posted over a metre of rain since January 1.