starloFishing writer and television personality Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling (pictured) will be a guest speaker at a Fishers for Fish Habitat forum to be held in Ballina on June 18-19.

The two-day forum is a part of the Fishers for Fish Habitat project managed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

“It is part of the rising movement among recreational fishers to put something back into the sport they enjoy and explore ways to preserve and increase fish numbers,” said Charlotte Jenkins, NSW DPI conservation manager.

The forum will inform recreational fishers about ways to improve fish habitat to help make more fish naturally.

“Fishers will hear how to get involved in rehabilitating fish habitat, what recreational fishers are already doing for habitat domestically and overseas, and be able to express concerns they may have about habitat in their area,” Ms Jenkins said.

“It is about bolstering fish stocks by improving their habitat so the fish have the environment to breed and thrive.”
To register for the event, got to or email or phone 6626 1200.

Day 1: Thursday 18 June
Sun up 6:37
Explore the local fishing spots
Low tide 9:48 AM EST 0.25 m
From 8:30
Thirst quencher
Registration, plus payment of dinner (optional).
Tea and coffee available on the Terrace
Cast off!
Open forum
Welcome to Country
Greeting from guest speaker Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling
Bream, bass and blackfish
The status of the NSW recreational fishery
Habitat makes fish happen!
What native fish need to survive and thrive
Habitat champions
Recreational fishers making fish happen!
Take a break
Morning tea
Free time to chat with habitat champions (poster display)
Survey drop
International news
Fisher-driven habitat initiatives overseas
Reel it in!
Short wrap up of morning session
Bass trip
Take a bass-eye view of the Richmond River catchment
Lunch stop included.
Nibbles and drinks served on the Terrace
From 18:30
Dinner with ‘Starlo’
Optional, cost $25 payable at registration
Welcome to the inaugural
Thursday 18 – Friday 19 June 2009

Day 2: Friday 19 June
Sun up 6:38
Explore the local fishing spots
Low tide 10:37 AM EST 0.23 m
From 8:30
Thirst quencher
Tea and coffee available on the Terrace
Cast off!
Recap of first day’s events
Survey winner
Resistance V’s Resilience
Climate change implications on fish in NSW
Time to get busy…
Interactive sessions in discussion groups
Making more fish… naturally!
What is NSW DPI and other agencies doing about habitat
Take a break
Morning tea, free time to chat with NSW DPI staff & scientists (poster display)
Where to from here?
Options for making more fish habitat.
Options for keeping in touch – A habitat network?
Reel it in!
Forum close
Lunch is served
13:30 onwards
Explore what Ballina has to offer
See the Forum general information package for more information
Sun down 16:55
High tide 5:39 PM EST 1.42 meters

Picture: NSW DPI