Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been a fair few bream though the river but Pimlico Island has been about their upstream limit.

Flathead in the shallows of North Creek and Mobbs Bay in fair numbers.

Blackfish have been pretty good but weed has been a problem, so you’ll have to gather your own cabbage.

A few tailor around the headlands and beaches along with some reasonable bream and dart – and the salmon are starting to appear.

Snapper have been patchy outside with a few on the closer reefs but you have to work for them. But there have been a few quality fish on offer on bait and soft plastics.

The Evans Head Classic had been on all week with mostly good weather until this morning, when a brisk and cool southerly puffed in.

The usual array of fish in the display tanks of big bream and flathead and chillers packed with other prime specimens.

Tony Zann