Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been a few jewfish around, one about 30kg caught off the North Wall earlier in the week.

And a kayaker caught a 22kg fish at the mouth of North Creek.

Plenty of flathead from little spikers to big mummas.

Whiting in the lower reaches and nice bream all though the system.

Some jacks around the rock walls and the town pontoon.

Mud crabs up as far as Broadwater.

Beaches have flathead, whiting, dart and the odd jew, with some tailor around as well.

Offshore for trag, jewfish and the occasional king and snapper, the 42 fathom reef for pearlies.

At Evans Head there have been some whiting and just the odd school jew up towards the coffee rock at Broadwater, with a few more schoolies around the rocks.

Flathead and whiting in the river with a few trag outside with the occasional hit of jew and the odd gang of rat kingies.